The Panto

A mainstay of village life for decades, the infamous Sheepscombe Panto takes place in February most years. Probably THE best way to become part of village life is to volunteer in this annual extravaganza. From this small village we provide actors, musicians, producers, stage managers, directors, writers, scenery painters… There is something for everyone, including heckling from the audience.

The next Panto will take place in early February, 2019. If you would like to contribute to its success in any way, please use our contact form. .

To view images of the 2017 Panto, please click this link to Flikr.  

Below is a very provisional list of the Pantos that have taken place over several decades.  Please send updates to this if you can contribute.

DatePanto NameAuthorDirector
1991Phil Grimm’s ProgressGideonJohn Weir
1992Robin HoodGideonJohn Weir
1993Oliver with a TwistGideon/HughChris Rouan
1994King Arthur and the Holy GrailGideonChris Rouan
1995Aladdin and the Magtic Lamp


Julie Caesar and the Wizard of Odd
1997Alice in BlunderlandGideon/Tim?Tim?
1998The Lion, The Witch and the BathrobeGideon?
1999Peter Pan but not as we know itFrances & SarahFrances
2000Macbeth, the PantoFrances & SarahFrances
2001The Good, the Sad and the PluckyFrances & SarahFrances
2002Changing GroomsFrances & SarahFrances
2003Robin HoodFrances & SarahFrances
2004Village Hall closed.
Mini Panto: The Pink Panther performed at The Croft
Frances, Sarah and RonRon?
2005A Lad in the LimelightLucindaRon
2006The Sound of MeusliFrances and SarayFrances
2013School DaysRon?Lindsey?
2014The Wizard of Oz (or There’s no Place Like Rome?)Revised script by GideonLindsey
2015/16No Panto
2017Dame of Thrones and the Search for the Holy GrailGideon, revised by SusanSusan/Martin/Eva
2018No Panto
Julius Caesar, 1996