Village Hall Documents

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Village Hall Constitution

The Village Hall is a charity; its Constitution has been unchanged since 2005 – even then it was only changed in minor ways from the original drawn up before the war!  It needs updating; to get this done, we need to submit a proposed revised version to the Charity Commissioners for their approval.  And to do that, the Commissioners require the revised version to have been approved at an Annual General Meeting of the Charity concerned (the Village Hall, in our case).

Document A is the proposed revised version of the Constitution and Document B is the extant version.  Most of the changes are presentational: the use of a consistent numbering system, an improved lay out, consistent font etc., but also corrections to the grammar and syntax of the text. There are two substantive changes: (i) the list of affiliated organisations has been brought up to date to reflect current reality; this list now forms an annex to the Constitution; (ii) the reference in the main text to the list of affiliated organisations in the annex now allows for future changes to the list to be made at a meeting of the Trustees (without requiring the imprimatur of the Charity Commissioners, as it does at present).

These changes have already been approved by the Trustees, but they now need to be approved at the AGM. We think that the changes are not contentious in any way; they are designed to make the operation of the Village Hall simpler, and consistent with its Constitution  – and for us to have a Constitution that does not look as if it was the product of (very poor) drafting nearly 100 years ago.  There will be a vote on this at the AGM which starts at 7.30 on 15th April in the Village Hall. All villagers are welcome to attend.

Quentin Thompson (Chair of Trustees); March 2019

Village Hall Accounts 2018

Rob James has provided a pdf copy here which can be read online or downloaded.